Hmm ... Whom Do We Dislike More?

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Kissing Suzy Kolber tackles a question we've been struggling with ourselves: Whom are we supposed to root against in the AFC Championship Game this weekend?

On one hand, the only thing that makes Peyton Manning even vaguely interesting is that he tends to collapse in the playoffs. If he were to somehow win, we would be ready to burn every picture we've ever seen of him by next Tuesday ... and we'd still have a week and a half left to go!

Meanwhile, the Patriots, for all their pluck and gumption, are starting to grow tiresome as well, in a mid-90s Cowboys type of way. That's not really fair, but hey: Thus is the price of dominance. Also, Belichick is starting to drive us insane; we think he's responsible for losing all the dream fights against ninjas that we usually win.


We know that the Peter Kings of the planet are all fired up about this game Sunday ... but really, we just can't figure out who we want to lose more. We could use your help, if you're offering. Because we really don't know.

Colts Or Pats: I Prefer Lesser Of Two Evils [Kissing Suzy Kolber]