Steve Lepore, a hockey blogger for Awful Announcing who also wrote for Rolling Stone and other outlets, was canned over the weekend after being exposed as a serial harasser of women online. His preferred method seems to involve befriending women on Twitter before nebbishly sliding into their DMs to ask what sort of photos they might be willing to pose for. According to one woman, he's even gone so far as to casually whip his dick out during a Skype session.

Things got started when a female hockey fan named Toni McIntyre took to Twitter to call Lepore out:

Since McIntyre started posting these tweets, she says, she has been contacted by more than 20 women who say that Lepore has done the same thing to them:

Other sports fans and members of the media have since come forward to share their own experiences with Lepore.

Lepore spent most of yesterday flagellating himself on Twitter before eventually nuking his account. He is now the second reasonably well-known hockey blogger to lose his job this year for being creepy to women on the internet. Back in August, Harrison Mooney was let go by Yahoo Sports for making unwanted advances to women via Twitter. In all likelihood, Lepore and Mooney aren't the only members of the sports-media internet to have done stuff like this; if you know of any others, feel free to drop us a line at