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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Hockey Fight That Starts As A Whole Team Against One Player Eventually Envelops Everyone On Both Teams, Including Trainers

"Referees grabbing one guy, I don't know why he's grabbing one guy, there's about 50 guys involved," says the announcer about midway through this vast, all-encompassing hockey brawl between the Hunstville Havoc and the Mississippi Surge of the Southern Professional Hockey League. The answer is that you have to start somewhere, but he's right: the refs don't have a chance. Eventually the trainers start jawing, the fight begins again after a lull, one player starts prying clusters of people apart with his stick (or just jabbing them)—it's like they knew that we missed hockey brawls and wanted to give us a whole season's worth. Make sure you catch the commentator's opinions about the guy with the stick. He's not a fan.


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