Hockey Is Not NBC's Top Priority

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It's nice that the NHL has a deal with NBC. It would be even nicer if NBC didn't remind hockey fans just how insignificant their little Canadian game is at every single opportunity.

The Peacock abandoned the Senators/Sabres game yesterday at the end of regulation, shoving the overtime period over to Versus, a cable channel received in at least 14 or 15 American homes. The reason NBC was so anxious to dump the hockey game? The horse-racing pregame show. Late-breaking updates on the quality of Street Sense's pre-race bowel movements take precedence over the NHL's conference finals.


'Tis a shame. It was a very exciting game. It was tied at 2 at the end of regulation, and then 15 minutes into the overtime period ... Curlin was the winner of the Preakness Stakes, edging out Street Sense by a nose.

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