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This afternoon, several sweaty men with mullets will be gripping their computer screens, looking at pictures of teenagers and trying to fight down their somewhat swelling erections. Sounds like any other afternoon in Canada? Well, pretty much, but today is the Sidney Crosby lottery. Crosby, who is 17 years old, is the hockey phenom that The Great One Wayne Gretzky himself has called "The Next One." And today, the NHL will decide, via lottery, which team will have the rights to him.

At hockey blog site — yeah, they exist! — Off Wing Opinion, our intrepid author debates which team would benefit the most from grabbing Crosby, which teams would benefit the league and which ones don't deserve him. Meanwhile, he's 17, and some ping-pong balls will determine not only his future, but the future of whole cities and franchises. And he's 17. Sports weird us out sometimes.

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