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Hockey Season Comes In With A Whimper...And Semi-Impressive Signage

Billboard Hockey: sure it looks nice, until you realize you don't know the rules and that all the players are Canadian. [The Sporting Blog] • Kris Draper did not eat poop out of the Stanley Cup [Going Five Hole] • Dusty Baker manages his kid's team. Does rotator cuff damage count as child molestation? [Slanch Report] • The Kansas City Chiefs don't know how to get high. Too bad, they could use a couple grams of happy [Herm Edwards Support Group] • More hockey, eh? Here's a fun sign for the ref...Just so everyone knows, I'm not the father [The Sugar Sheet] • Speaking of, I got him good the other day [KSK] • Drew Magary did some traditional blogging yesterday...and got himself ripped a new asshole in the comments [With Leather]


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