We don't want to get too swept up in the LeBron hype. Actually, that is a lie. We are totally swept up in it and want you to be too. Just look at what's going down near LeBron's home in Bath Township, Ohio, just outside of Akron:


(These are reporters for the Akron Beacon-Journal and Fox Sports Ohio, respectively.)

To add to the sense of immediacy, here's Woj.


We don't even know if this is happened today. But an ESPN piece co-bylined by Brian Windhorst (who is probably the most plugged-in on LeBron's side, and has gone silent on Twitter since yesterday), had this to say:

There is no timetable for James' decision, but with him reportedly planning to attend the World Cup this weekend in Brazil, a decision before then seems likely.

Sit tight, people. We will get through this together.

Updates: Cleveland.com is on the scene.


Trucks, people!

LeBron is on the move:


Who knows when the decision is coming? Not golf cart guy!