Holy Balls, The Vikings Just Waived Randy Moss (UPDATED)

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It's being reported by the NFL Network and the Star Tribune that Moss has been waived after trashing his team yesterday.

Maybe it started when Moss gave up on a free play that was a sure touchdown late in the game. Maybe it was over when Moss gave a bizarre and rambling postgame "interview," in which he sang paeans to Bill Belichick and the Patriot Way.


Moss was not happy in Minnesota, as reality set in that he had jumped the most seaworthy ship in the league for a 2-5 Vikings team. Visibly frustrated with the team not kicking a field goal at the end of the first half, targeting him only three times, and not listening to his ideas on how to beat New England.

Moss didn't fly back to Minnesota with the team, and Brad Childress announced they were waiving him at the beginning of a team meeting at the Vikings practice facility today. Oddly, Moss hasn't been directly informed, and they have not initiated the waiver process yet. As an odd side effect, he's still technically a Vikings players and other teams cannot comment on their interest in him. Rex Ryan already declined comment, citing the tampering rule.


That's not stopping speculation on who might be interested, moving up the waiver wire.

•The Rams, who lost out in the bidding for Terrell Owens, and are still in the playoff hunt despite a real No. 1 for Sam Bradford to target.

•The Redskins, who clearly have passing issues, also could use a deep threat — no matter who's throwing. Money is not an issue for Dan Snyder, as it might be for other teams: whoever claims Moss is responsible for the balance of his salary (about $3.4 million).

•The Jets, if only to block the Patriots. Ryan and the Jets are convinced they can keep any player in line. Interestingly, they would not be in a position to block New England had they not lost to GB yesterday.


•The Patriots, where many are assuming Moss wants to end up. And if his agent tells teams he only wants to return to New England, one assumes others would stay away. An unmotivated Randy Moss is a scary thing.

The Pats, with the league's best record, get the 32nd and last crack at him on waivers. If he's set on returning to them, they could let him pass through, and sign him as a free agent for a veteran's minimum, with the Vikings picking up the remaining $3.4 million.


When Moss officially hits the waiver wire (it will be tomorrow, since he was not on the list by today's deadline), teams will have 24 hours to put in their claims. By Wednesday, we'll know where he's going.