We saw Jake Delhomme stumble through three quarters of Titans-Texans on Sunday after TJ Yates' injury, and we got to wondering who the Texans' third quarterback was. (You'll recall that Matts Schaub and Leinart are both out for the season.) We figured it was a reliable old guy, like Brian Griese, or something. Maybe it was a college player who had excelled a few years back, like Colt Brennan or Zac Robinson. Well, we checked the Texans' depth chart and recoiled in horror:


That's Jeff fucking Garcia! The same Jeff Garcia who hasn't thrown a pass since 2008. The guy who played with the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks last year and threw more interceptions than touchdowns! He turns 42 in February! He replaced Steve Young as the 49ers quarterback! And now he's outlasted Terrell Owens.

Given the way Delhomme looked, another Yates injury this Saturday against Cincinnati ought to necessitate Garcia's return to the NFL. That would be way more interesting than anything Tim Tebow could ever do. (Also, the latest Madden NFL 12 roster update rates Garcia a 75, Delhomme a 73, and Yates a 72. You listening, Kubiak?)