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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

At least three people tried to catch this home run—although "tried" might be a stretch for the guy in orange—and it eluded all of them. With all the hands in front of her face, this poor woman made no attempt whatsoever to catch the ball, and probably assumed at least one of the dudes around her was going to snag it. And yet, boom!


Jordy Mercer hit it to left field off Big Time Timmy Jim and the guy with the best chance of actually making the grab was reaching over from the woman's left. It looks like the ball just goes right through his fingertips. It then looks like it's going to hit her square in the face, all the while she just sort of grimaces, hoping against hope. She was fine—though the beer was lost forever—as security checked on her, and later gave the universal sign for either "home run" or "whoop-dee-doo."

It feels like this happens a lot more often than it should. Maybe we're all drinking too much at baseball games.

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