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Admit it: You wouldn't be surprised, at this point, if Carson Palmer was nailed for sticking up a Dairy Queen somewhere just outside Blue Ash, would you?

Continuing their rather outstanding string of off-season malfeasance, the Bengals announced today that linebacker Odell Thurman, their first second-round draft pick last season, will miss the first four games for failing a drug test. He is one of six — count 'em! — Bengals who have "embarrassed" the team in the offseason.

In case you've forgotten, the biggest hero of this was Chris Henry, who was arrested four times in six months, culminating in a trifecta of 18-year-old, 17-year-old and 15-year-old goodness.

We know not to call them the Trail Blazers of the NFL, so we'll simply say this: We full expect Carl Monday to be sitting outside Bengals training camp. Something has to be going on.


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(UPDATE: Bengal Stripes has a nasty rumor attached to this.)