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Honestly, What's NCAA Football Without Hugh Johnson?

High atop the Family Feud board of most popular questions Deadspinions posed to the Democratic Assembly of Deadspin Administrating Saturdays/Sundays (D.A.D.A.S.S.) was, "Who did Sussman bang to get the job?" "Will you guys bring Hugh Johnson back?" Well, I hope the logo hovering over this paragraph answers that question. When the weekend editors' secret ballots were cast and the white smoke emanated from the chimney, it was decided that "Hugh II: And The Nedyssey Continues..." will pick up where the original Hugh Johnson Project left off.

For those wandering souls who didn't discover salvation and enlightenment in Deadspin's Legend of Zelda-esque fairy pond until December 2006, the Hugh Johnson Project was outgoing weekend editor The Mighty MJD's way of compiling the vast ocean of college football insight from you crazy cats, the commenters and readers. In fact, he explained it pretty well the first time, so I won't try to trump that.


The AOL screenname is NCAADeadspin. As you can see, I'm logged on right now. And you know what? For you true freshmen who haven't seen Hugh Johnson in action — and for the returning starters who need a few preseason reps — I want all of you to IM or e-mail me one thing you hope to see this year in college football. Be sure to include your name or alias. I'll publish a post of your best wishes later this afternoon. A few friendly tips: spelling counts, brevity is the soul of wit, and the word "penis" is never not funny.

Even if you opt not to participate, we hope you keep "Hugh II: And The Nedyssey Continues..." close to your hearts throughout the college football season, as it does serve as a soothing balm for your soul when — oh, let's say, for example — your alma mater loses to two 10-loss teams in the same year.

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And here's a larger version of the logo.

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