On Jan. 13, 2014, a person with the Twitter handle @BeatinOff2Night—his current handle is @ChickenColeman2—tweeted a three-panel shot of him and a kid playing what appeared to be NBA 2K14. The game was evidently one-sided, but the caption was the best part:

The tweet was retweeted almost 13,000 times, and it brought joy to the internet. Throughout 2014, hopping on the sticks became a minor meme: Show someone playing a sports game, then let everyone know how badly you're punking them. By searching the phrase "hopped on the sticks" on Twitter, you can find more of these:

Obviously, not all of these are real—unless a dog really can play video games—but among the vast sea of garbage on the internet, @BeatinOff2Night's creation stands out as a good meme. It has a simple framework, and hasn't been beaten into the ground yet. Then again, will soundly beating your friends and family at video games ever get old?