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Last weekend's CFL Grey Cup might have been an amazing game ... but you should have seen what was going on in the stands! A Vancouver reader who was there writes us:

As these pics will attest, it turns out not all of the 60,000 fans watching the Grey Cup spent the whole game politely clapping and sipping flat, warm draught beer. A couple of "dancers" in front of me were doing every thing and anything possible to get put up on the Jumbotron. We're talking bumping, grinding, flashing, french kissing, light petting. This put all the men around them in quite a quandary; hot, nubile pseudo-lesbians, or three-down football played on a field the size of Delaware ... what to watch?


Well, some puritan devil helped them make the decision and alerted security. I'm sure this poor guy (making at most $9.00 an hour) could feel the glares of a thousand horny drunk guys burning into his back as he told the girls to tone it down. The irony is, he took the job so he could beat up on those exact same drunk guys.

And you thought all Canada had to offer was socialized medicine, Molson's and Michael J. Fox.

Greatest Football Game Ever? [Off Wing Opinion]

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