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Houston 31, Denver 25: The Houston offense stopped clicking weirdly right around the time Matt Schaub was almost decapitated. Might be something to keep an eye on. As a result, Peyton Manning was able to battle back and make this one kind of interesting, but it was not to be.

Four touchdown passes is pretty good, I guess: Schaub had four touchdowns on 290 yards passing for the day, all but one of them came before taking this vicious hit to the face from Joe Mays. This one was a perfectly placed 52 yard toss to Kevin Walter with just under nine minutes left in the third quarter.


Phil Simms said it was the ear piece that hurt Schaub: Yeah, it could have been the soft, though admittedy really, really tight protective ear piece inside the helmet forcing it's way up Schaub's head. Or, theoretically, it could have been the giant human being leveling Matt Schaub in the face with his helmet that made Schaub instinctively reach for his head. It could have been his brain pinballing around inside his skull that hurt. But his ear looks like this, so you never know.

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