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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Houston Lost To UCF On A Heartbreaking Play At The Goal Line

There was a crazy amount of sports on TV last night, so nobody should be blamed for missing a college football game between two unranked teams from the American Athletic Conference. But UCF's 17-12 victory over Houston featured one of the more dramatic endings you'll see all year.


With just over 30 seconds to play and his team down five, Houston quarterback Greg Ward Jr. took off from the 30-yard line and headed for the corner of the endzone. He dusted one UCF defender with a silky juke before diving for the pylon, and for a brief moment, it looked like Ward Jr. had just won his team the game with a ballsy scramble.

And then UCF's Brandon Alexander came flying in out of nowhere, dislodging the ball from Ward Jr.'s hands juuuuuust before it broke the plane of the goal line, and the ball scooted out of the side of the endzone. The referees called a touchback, UCF got the ball, and everyone on Houston's sideline got their faces stuck in a permanent sad face.

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