This entire situation reeks of dysfunction.

Although my contact with Palcic has been fairly minimal, I knew I would get a swift response every time I reached out.


For the two stories I wrote about Texans receiver Will Fuller and former lineman Julién Davenport, Palcic was always helpful, friendly and would follow up to ask if I “needed anyone else.”

Like a great PR person would.

So hearing that she was let go Wednesday because of a “cultural fit” … ?

Hmmm … That’s interesting.

I’m curious what the Texans think their “cultural fit” is, because it’s screaming “TOXIC” right now.


Usually, when the coded phrase “cultural fit” is thrown out there regarding not hiring someone or dismissing someone, it has little to do with “fit” and more to do with discrimination.

It’s just a nicer way of putting it.

In Palcic’s case, she is a widely respected communications professional in sports media. If you scroll through Twitter right now, you will read about many reporters’ experiences with her.


Hint: all of them are positive.


She just won the Sports and Entertainment Woman of Inspiration award last year. And, for goodness sake, was the first woman to serve as the top PR Director for an NFL team.

How can you even type the words she isn’t a “cultural fit?” She has set the tone for what the culture is in NFL communications.


Sadly, Palcic’s story is not unique for anyone who isn’t white and male; it’s just now being rolled down Main Street so that everyone in the sports media landscape can see it. I’m sure Palcic will land on her feet soon, and hopefully with an organization that values what she brings to the table.

Everyone who worked with her seems to understand Palcic’s value except the foolish Texans.