David Culley and Lovie Smith had to know what to expect

You will never be able to tell me that Culley and Smith didn’t know what they were getting into when they took the Texans job. And while I understand that it came with a considerable pay raise, at this point, it’s time that the Texans learn a tough lesson — that it’s always been them. The Rooney Rule isn’t the problem here, the Texans are — and their affinity for making Black coaches the inevitable fall guys when the organization’s own incompetence is the true culprit.


Are the Texans just going to hire Josh McCown?

There is no value in being the head coach of the Houston Texans, and that goes for white and Black coaches. And while it’s a tough request to ask a group of men who have been overlooked for decades to ignore a potential opportunity to interview for their dream job, this franchise has proven that they’re only calling you to fire you, or because they need to speak to you to reach a quota. If the Texans truly want Josh McCown that badly, they should be allowed to hire him without any punishment from the league. And if that does happen, it will surely end in disarray — once and for all proving that the ones in the front office were the ones that should have been fired.