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The Orange County Register has the cool story of how Mike Langdon, pump salesman, found himself in Arte Moreno's suite. If you guessed it involved four-time AL All-Star (ed note: really?) Mark Langston, well, you're right. But we'll get there.

Here's the first bit of Marcia Smith's Langdon story:

A former season-ticket holder, the Irvine resident has been going to games at Angel Stadium for the past 15 seasons and had never once been where he found himself this past Saturday night in the bottom of the first inning as the Angels played host to the New York Yankees. He was in a restroom – but not just anyone's restroom – and he was panicking, breathing rapidly, sweating, wondering how he got here, how he will get out and whether he'd have a heart attack first.
Langdon, 50 and as old as his favorite baseball team, was supposed to be meeting friends at the game. Instead, he was standing in front of a sink, staring himself down in the mirror and shaking off ideas as if they were pitches he didn't want to throw.
He needed to come clean about this case of mistaken identity. He couldn't hide out for nine innings in the restroom of Angels' owner Arte Moreno.
"Are you okay?" the affable Moreno asked Langdon, having emerged from his self-imposed exile.
"Mr. Moreno," Langdon confessed, "I don't think I should be here."


Anyway, read onward for the exciting conclusion and Reggie Jackson cameo. I won't spoil it for you, but maybe he even gets to meet Tim Salmon. (Note: he does not get to meet Tim Salmon. Tim Salmon has places to be, damn it. But Reggie is there.)

Mistaken identity leads to Angels' fan dream [OC Register]

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