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Tim Tebow revealed his new throwing motion today, only five weeks ahead of the draft. If you think that should throw up some red flags for GMs with a first-round pick, well, you don't know NFL GMs.

Now, it's rarely a good sign when a QB is still learning the absolute basis for the position's existence. Thankfully, he's taken graduate-level courses in poise, heart, and piety. So his workout at Florida's Pro Day was just the icing on the cake.


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Representatives from at least seven teams came out on a rainy afternoon in Gainesville to watch Tebow throw literally "dozens" of passes. The verdict: he's getting rid of the ball quicker, but still releasing low. Not a ringing endorsement, but enough for the NFL to invite him to the draft next month.

An honor traditionally reserved for first-round selections, the new three-day draft means 18 players will be invited, and we have a very good chance of seeing Tebow forced to sleep in the green room for a night.

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