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How Deadspin's HOF Vote Stacked Up Against The Final Tally

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In our polling, 56.4 percent of Deadspin voters thought that Mark McGwire was HOF-worthy, while just 11.0 percent of BBWAA voters put him on their ballot. That 45.4 percentage point difference makes McGwire—by one measure—the player whom our voters were most bullish on, relative to the writers. McGwire narrowly beat out Edgar Martinez (+44.7 percent) and Don Mattingly (+43.1 percent) for that honor. Who else did you like?

The table below shows how each player performed on the Deadspin and BBWAA Hall of Fame ballots, ranked by the difference. This isn't a precise, apples-to-apples comparison. We didn't limit you to 10 choices, the way the BBWAA does. For that reason, Deadspin's voting percentage is higher than the BBWAA tally for every player, save one:

Mark McGwire56.411.0+45.4
Edgar Martinez69.925.2+44.7
Don Mattingly51.38.2+43.1
Fred McGriff44.911.7+33.2
Sammy Sosa40.07.2+32.8
Larry Walker42.410.2+32.2
Roger Clemens66.635.4+31.2
Barry Bonds64.934.7+30.2
Curt Schilling58.929.2+29.7
Rafael Palmeiro33.34.4+28.9
Mike Mussina45.020.3+24.7
Jeff Kent39.315.2+24.1
Mike Piazza81.762.2+19.5
Alan Trammell38.520.8+17.7
Hideo Nomo18.71.1+17.6
Moises Alou16.41.1+15.3
Jeff Bagwell66.854.3+12.5
Luis Gonzalez13.10.9+12.2
Tim Raines57.446.1+11.3
Kenny Rogers10.20.2+10.0
Ray Durham9.80+9.8
Eric Gagne9.70.4+9.3
Mike Timlin9.00+9.0
Frank Thomas92.683.7+8.9
Richie Sexson7.20+7.2
Sean Casey5.50+5.5
Todd Jones4.60+4.6
Paul Lo Duca4.40+4.4
Jacque Jones4.60.2+4.4
JT Snow4.60.4+4.2
Armando Benitez4.20.2+4.0
Lee Smith33.429.9+3.5
Craig Biggio78.174.8+3.3
Greg Maddux98.397.2+1.1
Tom Glavine92.191.9+0.2
Jack Morris41.761.5-19.8

Bold players were on Deadspin's ballot, Italicized players made the HOF.

So there you have it. Official Deadspin stance: Fuck Jack Morris.

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