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How Did That "Party Pass" Work Out For Everyone?

All you haterz out there who predicted that selling 30,000 standing room tickets for Cowboy games would turn their new stadium into a lawless Thunderdome? Yeah, you were completely right.


Roughly 29,999 of the 30,000 people who paid $29 to wander around Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night were left disappointed by the fact that crowded concourses, blocked access, and long bathroom lines meant they paid $29 for standing room tickets to a TV. Those were the lucky ones. Many folks didn't even get inside, because they were under the mistaken impression that a "ticket" gives you access to an event and not just access to the "plazas outside the party decks" which are not actually inside the stadium. Fine print!

As this video helpfully demonstrates, the vast majority of Party Pass holders only got a view of the other Party Pass holders. And naturally, the swarm of Texas-sized asses clogging the entrances, concourses, concessions and seats belonging to actual ticket holders created such chaos that the fire department gave up trying to control them and officially declared jungle law.

There was one fan who defended the passes to the Dallas Morning News—all you had to do was show up 5 hours early!—but another poo-pooed his theory and eloquently put things into perspective for all the angry Cowboy backers.

"Absolute Disaster. That's it. Concession lines were way too long, bathrooms were overcrowded, it reminded me of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Without all the death and rape, of course!

Fortunately I was with three other guys that are 6'4" 250 lbs. so we were able to push our way through crowds. I talked to countless people who got there hours ahead of kickoff only to be bullied out of the way with no view of the field.


Interesting. Were these the same people bullied by your friends or are we talking about a different group of pushy jerks?

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