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How Does Marian Hossa Feel About His Choice Right Now?

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The best subplot of the Stanley Cup Finals is the tale of Marian Hossa, who turned down a long-term deal from Pittsburgh after last year's Final to join up with the team that vanquished him and his Pengiuns. I bet he didn't expect to run into those guys again.

Hossa got his wish, riding the Red Wing bandwagon back to the championships round, but now he has to beat his old team if he wants to claim that Cup. I wonder if anyone has reminded him that if he'd stayed with the Penguins, he'd be in the exact same position—or arguably a much improved one the way Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are playing. Oh, and he would be much, much richer. If Hossa wins the title with Detroit, he will look like someone who made a shrewd, calculated (possibly cynical) risk and saw it pay off. If Pittsburgh wins, he will look like a colossal chump who jumped ship at the first sign of trouble and got a much deserved comeuppance.

In that eventuality, people will probably even joke that Hossa was the dead weight that dragged down both losing teams, which isn't true—he lead the Penguins in playoff goals last year—but will still sting like a mighty bumblebee.

"He came here, we took him in, fell in love with him, made songs for him, cheered for him," said Pens fan John McClelland, of Squirrel Hill. "Said he wanted a big deal. We offered it to him, then he goes to them for a one-year deal...."

"He abandoned us after the season was over, and I think a lot of people are still angry about that," said Pens fan Kim Piganell, of Oakdale.


Seriously, no pressure though.

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