But the mention turned out to come at the perfect moment. That same night, a higher up at Stadium, a sports media outlet that focuses on video, happened to be watching a game on ESPN. Looking to move into the reporting arena, the Stadium employee emailed McMurphy that same night, asking what he was up to. In no time, McMurphy lined up a multi-year contract with them, joining college basketball reporter Jeff Goodman and NBA scoop god Shams Charania as future on-air personalities.


“I won’t be writing as much,” McMurphy said. “It’s funny, I was hired at ESPN to be a TV reporter. Ed Placey said, ‘We want you to be a TV college football reporter.’ And I told him I had no television experience. But then people thought I worked for ESPN.com, because ESPN rarely put me on TV.... As far as the writing element, [Stadium is] trying to figure out the best way to do that, bringing Jeff Goodman and I on. Shams is going to be coming to Stadium also—he’s going to do video for Stadium and write for The Athletic.”

At Stadium, McMurphy will have the option of doing standard news reports, sideline reporting, and even booth work for Conference USA and Mountain West games. And the beauty of it is, new options aside, he’ll be paid by ESPN up to the day before he starts with Stadium—his ESPN contract runs out Aug. 12; he starts with Stadium Aug. 13.


Before that, after he’s done doing the radio rounds, he plans on going to an unnamed beach in Florida and enjoying the final days of his “unemployment.”

After all, it’s all on ESPN’s dime.