All Duke guard Jon Scheyer wanted to do yesterday was get a foul call or maybe a tie up—and despite all his efforts shimmying through this double team, the refs would not oblige. What gives?

Scheyer was closely guarded by two—two!—Virginia Tech players in the final seconds of their game yesterday, and as this video clearly shows, the referees simply swallowed their whistles until Duke had no choice but to call a time out. The Hokie defenders must have spun Scheyer around three or four times and yet no one did anything to put a stop to it!

As we've demonstrated before, it seems like the normal rules just don't apply to Duke. No one ever wants to give them a break when they need it. If this isn't enough evidence to prove that Duke gets special (unfair!) treatment, then I don't know what will convince you!

And yes, the Blue Devils won the game, but that's not the point....

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