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How Much Goddamn Bail Money Does Jerry Sandusky Have?

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When Jerry Sandusky was first arrested, a judge with Second Mile connections set Sandusky's bail at $100,000. No problem. Sandusky dropped some coin and walked out of the clink.* Yesterday, he was re-arrested after two additional alleged victims came forward and added their horrifying stories to the grand jury presentment. A new judge set Sandusky's bail at $250,000, even though prosecutors wanted $1 million. Didn't seem unreasonable. If Sandusky was going to turn fugitive, he would have done so already. And $250,000 isn't chump change. Unless it is:

Sandusky secured his release using $200,000 in real estate holdings and a $50,000 certified check provided by his wife, Dorothy, according to online court records. Sandusky remained at the facility as of late morning and the warden said he was quiet and cooperative during his overnight stay.

Under the terms of his release, Sandusky will be confined to his home, subject to electronic monitoring and forbidden from having any contact with any witnesses or victims in the attorney general investigation.

Makes you wonder what bail amount Sandusky couldn't pay. Also makes you wonder if some of his friends in high places haven't given up on him yet. Clearly, his wife hasn't. Of course, her name now appears in the prosecutors' files, too. She's the one, according to the grand jury presentment, who didn't hear a boy in her basement screaming for help as he was allegedly raped by Sandusky.

*UPDATE: A reader reminds us that Sandusky's original $100,000 bail was unsecured, meaning he'd didn't have to put up any money or other form of security. He signed an agreement to be liable for $100,000 if he failed to show in court.

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