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How Much Would You Pay To Read This Man?

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Earlier this year, The New York Times caused some controversy when it switched much of its online columnists to its TimesSelect feature, forcing you to pay for certain columnists like Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich and so on. (You might not have noticed, because even though they put the sports columnists behind the TimesSelect wall too, nobody actually knows any of the Times sports columnists.)

Well, anyway, looks like The Boston Globe is thinking about the same thing, except they will be limiting it mostly to sports. That means that not only will you be expected to want to read Dan Shaughnessy online, you will be expected to pay for him. Like, specifically, for him.


They're also talking about posting "blogs by players," which brings us one step closer to that promised land of a Manny Ramirez blog. And it would cost about six bucks a month. The way the Red Sox have their media racket set up over there, we're honestly surprised it's not more.

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