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How Not To Run An Office

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As you know, we bend over backwards around here to avoid politics at pretty much any cost. We go under the assumption that people come to Deadspin — and any sports site, really — to avoid the worries of the world, and the inevitable screaming matches that result from discussions of such. Sports are for fun; politics, Wonkette aside, is not fun.

But we really couldn't let this anecdote about a staffer of the office of recent resignee Tom Delay, from a The New Republic's blog, slide:

In the meantime, [Ed] Buckham had become DeLay's chief of staff.... His win-at-all-costs attitude played out in strange ways around the office. He ran a fantasy baseball league that he always seemed to win, even if it meant browbeating young staffers into trading their best players to him.


We have been in many fantasy baseball leagues, in many offices around this great land of ours. Like everybody else, we've worked for some pretty wretched people. But this, as far we're concerned, this is as loathsome a business practice we can possibly imagine.

The Office NCAA Pool Was Even Worse [TNR's The Plank]

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