Your morning roundup for June 3, the day John Edwards learns that on-the-side diddling most certainly doesn't pay. (Photo via @MaZe1eR)

What we watched: It still says here that the Heat are winning in six, but mark it down: This little moment is going to be larded up with all manner of symbolic juju in the coming days, all because of what happened directly afterward. This was Dwyane Wade's corner three with 7:20 left in the game. It put Miami up 15. Wade posed a little after the shot; LeBron came over and flicked a couple jabs at his chest. Everyone seemed quite pleased with himself. And then Dallas and Dirk Nowitzki spent the next seven minutes standing Miami on its head.


The big story of the playoffs so far has been the way the Heat have methodically dismantled everyone's misgivings about them. They've won close games. They've out-schemed shrewdly coached teams. They've played smart and angry after a long regular season in which people reckoned them merely supercilious. Joakim Noah's "Hollywood as hell" riff was funny, but it didn't really suit a team that swarmed the Bulls for four straight games and protected the rim the way the Swiss Guard protects the pope. And then last night happened, and all of that undoing was itself momentarily undone, and we were back to wondering if the Heat were just too in love with themselves for their own good. Here's what Tyson Chandler said of Wade: "He celebrated in front of our bench. I think it angered a lot of us. We came out there and responded." This will be all the talk in Dallas today, I'm sure. (Though people will conveniently forget that Jason Terry is not exactly a model of quiet introspection himself.) I dunno. Shit happens sometimes, especially when a team decides to protect its margin by firing long jumpers into the night and the other guys have Dirk Nowitzki.The old notion that hubris gets served in the end, that arrogance leads inevitably to ruin — that's Hollywood as hell. (Tommy Craggs)

What we're watching: The top four men's tennis players on earth are playing this morning. Sure, it's on clay, and it's in Paris, and it's sweaty foreigners playing with racquets, but Rafael Nadal is generally as elegant to watch as a show-bull parading about exacting vengeance on stabby matadors. This is true even when he's on Tennis Channel, and especially when he's trying to drag Andy Murray's pasty ass around the red court, like he was when I wrote this an hour ago, until I wrote that very sentence thus inspiring Murray to turn a 5-1 first set manhandling into a 6-4 nailbiter. Rafa was probably just toying with him, though.
A little bit later, NBC's airing the day's other money match as the formerly unbeatable Roger Federer tries his darnednest to beat the currently unbeatable Novak Djokovic.
It's on at 11 a.m. and by all indications, Federer should look as helpless as his Swiss homeland would in a world that treats impartiality as a terrorist threat. That's where the compelling side of things comes into play. People don't be joking when they say the karaoke-king Serb performs on a sublime plain. Clay's fickle, though. And Federer, he's got something left in him that maybe, just maybe, could stop Djokovic from reaching 42-0 on the year. If he doesn't, well Nadal (or Murray, if the first semifinal becomes something I didn't expect it to just 10 minutes ago) will try to drop him to 42-1 on Sunday. Patriots and Giants fans could relate to that. (Brian Hickey)



He's NBA-ready: "The girlfriend of Syracuse University basketball player Fab Melo told police that the two have had a 'volatile relationship' and Melo has been physically violent with her four or five times since they began dating in October, according to a Syracuse police incident report." [Post-Standard]

No conclusive evidence except for the conclusive video evidence: "'After reviewing the incident, including speaking with the on-ice officials, I can find no conclusive evidence that Alex Burrows intentionally bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron,' said Mike Murphy, the league's senior vice president of hockey operations, and a man who, alas, doesn't get cable television or Internet service at home." [Boston Herald]


Never mind that Posey was blocking the plate without the ball: "Giants GM Brian Sabean did not pull any punches while speaking with Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert on their afternoon KNBR show today. He called Cousins' targeted collision 'malicious' and said he didn't blame Posey for refusing to return an apologetic phone call. 'Why not be hard nosed?' Sabean said. 'If I never hear from Cousins again or he never plays another game in the big leagues, I think we'll all be happy.'" [San Jose Mercury News]

Jenn Sterger interviews Jenn Sterger for Bleacher Report: "I won't lie, my stomach was completely destroyed before I went out to do interviews the first night, but once I started interacting with the fighters and the crowd, all that seemed to go away. The only time things got a little weird was when someone in the dark rafters started screaming 'Brett Favre's penis' at me. But I just grabbed the mic from the announcer and said: 'Relax, buddy. By the way, your seats suck.'" [Bleacher Report]

Here's video of the first and last time anybody cared about the spelling of "cymotrichous": It was fitting that Bon Jovi factored into the deciding spell of last night's never-ending National Spelling Bee, which a seven-foot-three 14-year-old named Sukanya Roy seized with aplomb. [NPR]


Has anyone told Tiger you don't need to win to be tops?: "But with the Open starting two weeks from Thursday, Luke Donald — owner of no major championships, winner of seven tournaments worldwide in a career that spans more than a decade — is likely to be the top-ranked player in the world. His opening round of 2-under-par 70 Thursday at the Memorial Tournament included a sloppy first nine that belied his current standing as the game's most consistent force." [Washington Post]

We Are All Dave McKenna CXIX: Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until Snyder's dumbass libel suit gets Kevorkian'd. Supplemental reading for today: Snyder lies about being "hands-off."


I have no idea what's being talked about here: "The bar has been raised! VANESSA AADLAND SKIED MT. SUPERIOR NAKED THIS MORNING!!! It was a long time coming, but I am willing to bet that Vanessa is the first person to ski Superior TOP TO BOTTOM NAKED ever. She is certainly the first female to do it NAKED on JUNE 1st!!! My questions now is how many GNAR points does she get?" [Unofficial Networks]

Sometimes we talk instead of write: Come listen to Daulerio, Magary and Carmichael schmooze it up on Jason Whitlock's podcast. [FOX Sports]