How The Hell Did Rudy Giuliani Select This Obscure Atlanta Hawks GIF?

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Screenshot: @RudyGiuliani

Rudy Giuliani, a poorly preserved bog corpse, burped up a response of some kind to a video that was disrespectful to Nancy Pelosi.


That’s the only sentence I want to waste on the words Giuliani chose to hunt-and-peck with the base of his thumb this morning. Let’s instead focus on the extremely obscure GIF of the Atlanta Hawks’ bench celebrating a Trae Young-John Collins alley-oop this past February. Surely not even Hawks diehards keep this one on deck; these guys are barely fired up. Rudy supports New York teams, even if the love is not reciprocated. So how exactly did Alex Len find his way into the lawyer’s psyche? Does he maintain a file for mild Justin Anderson reactions?

A few assumptions about Rudy Giuliani’s brain may help guide our inquiry:

  • Rudy Giuliani found this GIF on Twitter’s internal search function.
  • Rudy Giuliani cannot be bothered to type >3 words into the search.
  • Rudy Giuliani cannot be bothered to proceed past the first 10 search results for any given term.

Over on Giphy, a different GIF database, this GIF has been tagged with all of the following terms, which may also help: #sports, #nba, #excited, #clapping, #hype, #atlanta, #reax, #hoops, #pumped up, #raise the roof, #atlanta hawks, #high-five.

None of these terms searched by themselves yields this GIF in early results. “Len” as a possible Rudy typo doesn’t work, either; this is not even the most popular GIF of Alex Len in warmups. A term like “high-five hawks” does do the trick, but it’s hard to believe. My question to the world is: What is the simplest or most plausible search term that unearths this GIF? Maybe Rudy Giuliani taking three minutes to tap in “raise the roof atlanta hawks” to polish off his unintelligible Nancy Pelosi burn is no more stupid or surreal than any other detail of our political reality.

H/t Jeremy