Not much is worse than having your car towed. We once had our old Toyota Camry towed in St. Louis, and we had to take a cab to a lot in which โ€” and we don't want to overstate this โ€” Beezlebub himself required us to give him 200 bucks in cash. Our keys were covered in sulfur. It's not a fun place to be.

Auburn guard Frank Tolbert had his car towed, and he had an inventive way of dealing with it: He just rammed his SUV through a fence.

Auburn senior basketball player Frank Tolbert was arrested Friday for third-degree criminal mischief stemming from an incident at a towing company lot. The Opelika-Auburn News reported the arrest Saturday. Tolbert allegedly jumped a fence at United Auto Collision in Auburn Thursday night to retrieve his SUV, which had been towed earlier in the week. Police said Tolbert damaged a metal fence when he drove through it to leave the lot.

Hey, sometimes you don't have that much cash on you. If they didn't want that to happen, they'd make the fence of something stronger than, you know, chain-link. Fools.

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