How To Get Fake Lost At Yankee Stadium

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Of all the amusements at a baseball game, few things tickle our proverbial fancy more than The Guy Who Can't Find His Seat. He's always carrying a hot dog, or more beverages than he can handle, and he's got that clueless look of the guy who has never been to a game and is just waiting for someone to just start The Wave already so he can go home.

Well, the "urban improv troupe" Improv Everywhere knows this guy as well and decided to create a scene at Yankee Stadium involving a lost guy named Rob and a bunch of screaming, helpful fans. (The group is previously most famous for being responsible for the McDonald's bathroom attendant guy, though we're still partial to The Mobius Strip, when seven "agents" replayed the exact same five-minutes 12 consecutive times.)


Anyway, the point was that "Rob" kept getting lost in entirely different sections of the stadium. His "friends" kept yelling "Rob! Rob" which inspired other fans to get into the act. All in all, it's not just funny, but kind of sweet, as random New Yorkers all band together to help a dopey fan with a hot dog figure out where the hell he is.

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