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Hoo boy. Sometimes this site writes itself.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco 49ers public relations director Kirk Reynolds has been fired after producing an in-house training video for the team that included nudity, expletives and some good old-fashioned homo humor. The fine folks at the chronicle even provide us with the video itself, even though you have to admit that you're 18, and therefore life has passed you by.


So we just watched it. Where do we start? How about with the two topless lesbians making out? Or the bucktoothed Asian man trying to pronounce "Rattay?" Maybe the blantant slander of San Francisco's mayor, who had allowed the team to film the video in his office? And the whole thing is shot in a style that would make a porn director feel like Tarantino.

It's pretty much non-stop hilarity, and we can't recommend you watch it enough. As for Reynolds — who, we must add, was just trying to make some valid points to his team, albeit in an otherwordly stupid fashion — he is "pursuing opportunities outside the team." Jenna Jameson, keep your cellphone on.


49ers Personal Foul [San Francisco Chronicle]
Watch The Video! [] (VIDEO)

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