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We know this is from yesterday, but we needed to wrap 'er up, if just because it involves Kansas coach Bill Self, who wears the worst toupee we've seen in college sports yet is seemingly never called on it. (Yes. We're Illini people. We're still a little annoyed.)

Backup Jayhawks center C.J. Giles was booted from the team by Self yesterday after he was cited by campus police Monday night. Giles had just returned from a suspension for missing practices and having academic issues last week. How did he celebrate his reinstatement?


Let's quote from the police report: The 20-year-old woman told police Giles became angry with her when she wouldn't leave his apartment and he grabbed her by the ankles, dragged her off his bed and onto the floor. She told police he continued to drag her into the hallway as she tried to get away and then "struck her in the left side of her head by her ear" with his closed fist. She left the apartment and reported the incident to police at 11:30 p.m.

Giles admitted to police that he dragged the woman across the floor, according to the report, but he denied hitting her in the head. He was not taken into custody, but was given a notice to appear in municipal court Dec. 6 for battery.

We're not including there the reason Giles asked the woman to leave his apartment: Because "when he received a phone call from another woman, he told the woman in his apartment to leave, and when she asked why, he told her his girlfriend was on her way to his room."

You know what's terrible? However bad the incident went, we imagine it somehow being worse had the "girlfriend" actually made it up to the room.


Self kicked him off the team yesterday, so Giles should have plenty of time to sort this mess out.

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