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How To Make Love To That Team's Biggest Fan

In one of those perfect ideas that make the Internets such a blessing on our daily lives, Every Day Should Be Saturday and Ladies ... have come up a guide to seducing a particular team's fan. Want to know how to bed that Cardinals fan? What do you say to a Knicks fan to sneak 'em in the sack? How does one get a Florida fan all swampy? Here's your comprehensive guide.

You cannot be prepared for fun, or the gun, that this bull gator is bringing to your wallow tonight. Both are unprecedentedly awesome. I can honestly say that you are not prepared. Like Fred Taylor, you will be perpetually injured after I freak you like I'm gonna. Like Chris Leak, you will go down in a beautiful crushed heap again and again. Like Steve Spurrier, I'm going deep on you tonight. Like Ohio State's offensive line, you will be penetrated deeply, frequently, and completely. And in the end, there will be no need for overtime, because you are about to be Swamped. Brace yourself, Gator fan.

I'm about to show you my Tim Tebow stiffarm without using my arms. Consider yourself warned.


They will be running on EDSBS and Ladies ... — which just put up their Mets post — all week. We can't wait.

How To Make Love To A _________ Fan: Florida Edition [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

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