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Howie Kendrick's Mustache Last Night Was, Erm, Unique

Last night's 14-13 Angels win over Boston in extras was a testament to agricultural arson, but some viewers seemed preoccupied with the status of Howie Kendrick's mustache.

As reader Charlie writes in:

Did you see Howie Kendrick's mustache last night? If so, how could Deadspin skip such an important story? Apparently, Howie went asymmetrical with the stash; the right side of his face is a hitler/chaplin moustache and the left side is pointy. Howie bats right handed, so his mustache points at the pitcher when he's at the plate [...] America needs to know about this. This is news!


Plenty of other viewers noted the Kendrick mustache closely resembling that of a certain German dictator. Or half of it, at least, from certain angles. We've provided a few, and we're keeping the possibility open that Kendrick might have actually attempted to "fix" his facial hair at some point between innings.


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