Howie Schwab Among The Layoffs At ESPN [UPDATE]

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Round 2 of the ESPN bloodletting began today, and a source tells us that Howie Schwab—remember Stump the Schwab?—was among those let go.

We hear a senior researcher has also been let go and that five open positions in the production department will be eliminated. ESPNews's Highlight Express, which scored a 0.0 in the Nielsen ratings a few months back, is getting canceled.


UPDATE, 5:38 p.m.: The Schwab just posted a note to his Facebook page. He is not happy:

After 26 years at ESPN, I am extremely disappointed to say farewell. I have been proud of my association and my work during my tenure. I was a loyal employee, displayed respect for others, worked with numerous charities, represented the company well. I always did everything asked of me and more. What did I get in return today … word that I should get lost. The only thing that mattered was my salary, which in my view was the lone reason I lost my job.


UPDATE, 6:39 p.m.: Dick Vitale responds to the news, sorta tepidly:

UPDATE, 6:46 p.m.: We've also heard that a number of in-house cameramen have been let go, up to about four or five of guys. A tipster tells us: "Main reason they were let go was bc company made their jobs obsolete by making producers shoot their own stuff with what are called 'bureau kits.'"

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