An assistant basketball coach at a high school in Ohio is under investigation by authorities for hosting a party in December in which minors were present whilst people were playing beer pong. Or Beirut. I don't where the regional line of demarcation is on the use of that term. Still, how else are you supposed to get the kids to improve their shot?

CARE [Citizens for Accountability and Results in Education] members say they retrieved the photos from a Web site of one of the party participants. "They were posted on the Internet - there was bragging about it, probably by the students," Poe said at the board meeting.

Photos submitted to police show an adult man and several younger people in a basement, standing and sitting around a Ping-Pong table peppered with plastic cups, beer bottles and beer cans.

Mason school officials confirmed Michael Crotty is the man wearing a Mason basketball warm-up suit and holding a Ping-Pong ball.

So...there's no photographic evidence of the kids drinking any of the booze? They're just standing around the table? I smell dismissal of charges, if any are pressed to begin with.

The kung fu pose by my man Crotty there is nothing less than supa smoove, by the way.