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The Rittman (Ohio) Indians aren't having a good year. They're 1-7. So when junior DE Nick Andre had to write a poem for his composition class, he chose as a subject the team's star wide receiver, who happens to be the son of the coach and brother of the offensive coordinator.

The assignment was to write about something that makes you angry. Andre's poem, entitled "Stupid," accuses senior WR Blake Dennis of not being particularly good, but getting all the plays because of nepotism and his friendship with the quarterback. Dennis has committed to Akron next year (his father's alma mater), and Andre's poem ends: "Akron's Screwed!"


Andre read the poem in class on Friday. On Monday, he and his mother were called in to meet with the principal, who gave them a letter accusing Andre of "hazing" and "harassment." He would be kicked off the football team for the rest of the season, and suspended from school for four days.

"I felt like it was my right to express what I just felt," Andre told Fox 8. His mother has refused to sign the suspension letter.

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