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Hugh 2: A Historical Hugh

West F'in Virginia. That's all you need to know.

Pat White: 26-32, 332 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT. Hakeem Nicks couldn't swing the ball behind his back enough times to prevent his quarterback from throwing his own INTs, leading West Virginia to an unlikely 31-30 comeback win. However, at least one pre-eminent Deadspin live blogger saw it coming:

I don't like UNC's chances down the stretch unless they take their gangliest senior leader and give him a bloody nose.


And Signal to Noise might see things differently next time (and what's a Hugh! without him?):

With his gravy train headed to be the next Antwaan Randle El on Sundays, it's no wonder Bill Stewart told Butch Davis "I don't want to ever play you again" after eking out a one-point win.


Yeah, so that was fun. And don't settle for our word; ask a semi-anonymous tipster:

I was watching the Meineke Car Care Bowl between West Virginia and UNC. With about 4:00 left in the 4th quarter, West Virginia got a sack on Carolina. The guy that sacked the QB was named John Homes or Holmes... Either way... Sounds like the former porn star that was very well endowed. The announcer said the following after the sack: "John Holmes.... HUGE..... *pause* Play here in the 4th quarter"...

And after he said it, his voice sort of changed and it sounded like he was trying not to laugh...


Again: HUGH!

PooolMan wanted us to share more FAU dance team pictures with you:


And we want to prepare you for the Emerald Bowl tonight:


Hugh will now step back into the shrubbery of Athens, GA, and leave you with your own snarky comments. Remember him when you hear the baritone sound of Pam Ward's occasionally accurate play-by-play. Be strong; be smart; be HUGH!

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