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Hugh 2: UNC Steals TD Pass, Game From Miami

UNC defensive back Tremaine Goddard ripped Miami's game-winning touchdown out of the hands of Kayne Farquharson in the end zone. Farquharson had the ball (and the game) on his hands, only to have it pilfered by Goddard to save the game for the Tar Heels, 28-24. Almost as unreal as the video of a Hurricane double-de-cleating that you can see after the jump, followed by your next helping of HUGH.

If you think this video's blurry, how do you think that asshole that got his helmet blown off feels? That's what I thought, sucka. 'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water' and 'The end of the Miami/UNC game was Oregonstateesque' - Andre Ware had been waiting all game to bust those out.-Ahp9 Just saw the first ever 9 point swing on 1 play. A 97-yard touchdown throw for Indiana called back for holding in the endzone, which was a safety for Michigan State.—Chilltown [Ed: wouldn't that be an 8-point swing?] I just saw two miami backup QBs give a synchronized hand motion play call. I must be on more drugs than the hurricane secondary. —Zombie Jesus X [Ed: Just saw three QBs do it for Indiana against Michigan State, and "only one of those was the real call." Wonder which one?]


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