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Hugh 3: Hugh Side of the Force

So this happened. Apparently, the victor receives the spoils of band instruments when Kansas and Missouri clash. We're pretty sure this doesn't compensate fully for Bleeding Kansas, but it just might make up for Leftoverture.

drscooter19: Ah, Pam Ward calling ACC football. Boston College is filled with dickbags named Sully. Maryland has crabs. Not the tasty kind from the sea either. The crotch ones. DOES MY HATE PLEASE YOU?!? (Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. So... yes.)


Signal to Noise: The Bayou Classic, where the halftime battle of the bands is much more important than the football. OSU can take its script "Ohio" and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Both bands decided to spell out "OBAMA" this year, for obvious reasons. The Louisiana GOP is already angling for equal time. (In an odd juxtaposition, the Louisiana GOP could be found in Iowa last weekend.)

drscooter19: Mark Mangino's WIkipedia page includes this line "Mangino's hobbies include eating and being a fat fuck." And I don't see why they would take that down as "non-factual". (Wikipedia only recognizes metric fornication as a measurement of weight.)

Chilltown: Mark Mangino: the only man who can sweat in a snowstorm. (We sense a trend.)

Himagain: The announcers just pointed out how composed Mangino stayed...what's he going to do, jump around? (So... he's large?)


And now Brad Nessler will try too hard...

Herbie's Wingman: Brad Nessler just said Jeff Demps for Florida is "as fast as a rabbit in love".


Mr. Red Devil: Brad Nessler just dropped this gem on us: "They say that Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas." (Brad, honey, we already have a Keith Jackson. His name is Keith Jackson.)

dmoney4sho27: No matter what a 38-year old mother of three tells you, there is no sex in the Kinnick Stadium bathroom. (Anyone remember when Chris Rock was still alive? Those were good times.)

And your flashback finale...

Mr. Red Devil: I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that all FSU fans are Communists. Especially Camp Tiger Claw.


kingdonut66: My dad is a Vietnam vet and always scoffs at us when we call a rainstorm a "monsoon". Well Dad, I love ya . . . but . . . IT'S A FUCKING MONSOON IN TALLAHASSEE!!!!!

You bastards are strong. You beat back the forces of kindness to your fellow man and took a huge squat on the Saints' lease cars of justice. We love you all.


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