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Hugh 3: Updating The Late Games

No. 9 Wisconsin 19, Michigan 0. Great play in the first half from Wisconsin on fourth-and-short where the punter ran up under center and used a hard count to draw Michigan offside to keep the Badgers' drive alive. Bret Bielema might be the most creative coach in America. And Michigan still sucks. Continue after the jump for the rest of the day's scores and the final entries for the Hugh Johnson Project. No. 7 Texas 31, Arkansas 3. Colt McCoy squares off against Casey Dick. I actually typed that up without laughing. The Longhorns already have three sacks. Man, Dick is getting pounded. They could have played this game at my house. No. 15 Auburn 14, Tennessee 6. I love it how Auburn lines up on offense, then all of them look over to the sideline for the play. Does that remind anyone else of the Dexter Lake Club scene in Animal House? Houston 21, No. 23 East Carolina 10. Nice hanging out with you Skip Holtz. Looks like your ride's here. Florida State 19, Colorado 7. West Virginia 21, Marshall 3. Navy 17, No. 16 Wake Forest 7. Gotta love that ACC. And now your final lap of Hugh: Erin Andrews begins to wonder what Terrelle Pryor looks like without a shirt on.—Zombie Jesus X Some guy on CBS said "There were 140 plays per game on average in the SEC last year, and only 130 per game this year. That's a 10% decrease in plays ran." Seems like someone wasn't exactly a math major. —Dr Scooter19 If Rich Rodriguez threatened to make players that turn the ball over hang out with Michael Phelps for a couple hours, they wouldn't have a problem anymore. —ahp9 I was napping, woke up to Auburn recovering a Tennessee fumble in the end zone, and Fulmer looking like he needed an extra order of Chik-fil-A for halftime. That was a Vol season summary in five seconds.—Signal 2 Noise Rich Rodriguez: "I paid $4 million for THIS?!" . . . West Virginia: "We got $4 million for WHAT?!" —King Donut66 Thanks to everyone that sent in their comments.


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