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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Hugh 4: The Mediocre ACC Has a Message for You

Illustration for article titled Hugh 4: The Mediocre ACC Has a Message for You

Not a ton of excitement in the 3:30 games. Perhaps I should be watching the Mormons of BYU battle Air Force? Or is all the action in the battle for the Almighty Wooden Potato in the storied Boise State-Idaho rivalry? The scene in Maryland is rather boring, partially due to the horrible conditions. Commenters mentioned a wet Stacey Dales reporting on the sidelines but we've yet to see any photographic proof. It's 15-14 with just over a quarter to play. ACC football at it's finest! On to your Hugh: image via College Game Balls It's gonna be tough for Spurrier to blow his top with that visor of his. -fitz350z North Carolina has a kid named Cooter Arnold. I only wish I had known sooner. -bluesteel2626 Brad Nessler said Minnesota and Wisconsin are play for Paul Bunyan's Ass. Maybe that's just his fantasy. -drscooter19 Steve Spurrier just asked Tracy Wolfson who she wanted to play at quarterback, had Danyelle Sargent been working the game she probably would have recommended Otto Graham. -Last of the Romohicans I don't know who it's more of an insult to, but I just saw Steve Spurrier on the sideline and it looks like he has less of a clue what to do with Florida's defense than Will Leitch does with strippers. -Last of the Romohicans There's a Chic-Fil-A commercial that shows cows parachuting onto the field. At first, I thought I had sat on the remote and turned on UT/Kansas and the mini-Mangino revolution was taking place. Now I know how people felt when War of the Worlds debuted. The only thing more embarassing to Michigan fans than eight losses is Drew Henson's NFL career. Oh, and let's not forget App St. Well, atleast there's still basketball seas... Man, it's a good thing the auto industry is thriving, otherwise, there wouldn't be much to live for up there. -Last of the Romohicans Boise St. now has a lead on Idaho and I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. There's enough people in that state for two institutes of higher learning? I feel like Sarah Palin when she found out Africa was a continent, not a sinus medicine. -Last of the Romohicans I see no way that Steve Spurrier letting CBS' sideline reporter pick his QB for the 2nd half ends poorly...or worse than this retarded sub system is going. -ndeddiemac If northwestern actually ends up winning 10 games this year i will paint my willie purple. -AustinBHavery I'd like to see tha... no, no I wouldn't. Apologies if I didn't post your thoughts, it's not that we don't love you. It's not you, it's me. (And my browser issues.) Come back next Saturday for all of your Johnson needs.


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