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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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This interesting little piece of body comes from Rate My Tattoos (via FanIQ) and it's probably a pretty good representation of today's rivalry game. Ohio State is dominating Michigan to absolutely nobody's surprise behind a 59 yard Beanie Wells touchdown run and a 53 yard touchdown catch from Brian Hartline that has accounted for most of Terrell Pryor's passing yards. Pretty much everything about Michigan has been god fucking awful to this point. The only real question is whether they'll finish this game with or without positive offensive yardage. So far, it's looking like a toss-up. Elsewhere, Purdue is stomping their in-state rivals into the ground while West Virginia and Louisville are tied at 7 because Noel Devine stumbled on his way into the endzone on fourth down just before halftime. Continue after the jump for the comments. So I turned on the channel that I thought was ABC and saw Rutgers vs Army. Then I found the real ABC and the Ohio State/Michigan game. The only way this could have been worse is turnig on ABC and hearing Pam Ward say "welcome to Iowa where the Hawkeyes are taking Northwestern. " -drscooter19 Michigan's defense, spending more time on the field than the Ohio State Grounds Crew does, combined, during the week. -Fraganhome Pam Ward gets Indiana-Purdue. And immediately, everyone in the state of Indiana puts it on mute. HA HA, FUCKERS! -KingDonut66 Paul McGuire is on the tOSU/Michigan sideline hunched over on a chair with a blanket on his lap, a cup of coffee in hand, and he is visibly spitting while he's talking. Who knew Lou Holtz had a twin. - SoonerSteve Forget a college football playoff. President-Elect Obama needs to put his weight behind the Guns Up! Bill, which would keep rifles and assault weapons out of the hands of Lee Corso. -Signal2Noise New discovery: Bill Stewart Face : college football :: Norv Face : NFL -Signal2Noise Who this "Dexter Fishmore" fool? Damn... gotta change my AIM handle to CamNewtonianPhysics before five-oh figure out this laptop ain't mine. Don't wanna have to defenstrate another these bitchez.... -Dexter Fishmore its "saved by the bell" on fox vs ohio st-michigan on ABC. This is a lot closer than it should be — then again, Kelly and Zack break up in this episode and I keep expecting Jessie to nail him in a pool. -Zombie Jesus X May the loser of the Apple Cup be doomed to a year of hitting themselves in the crotch with a rubber mallet. -colbypkp678 You know what's less depressing to watch than this Michigan-Ohio State game? CNBC's stock tickers re-creating 1929. -fraganhome


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