OK, so Ohio State and Michigan both one, robbing 98% of us of some serious schadenfreude, but there's more football to come! The second-ranked Georgia Bulldogs are taking on Central Michigan over on Fox Sports Net, so feel free to play along in the comments. There's one more edition of the HJP left to come, and anyone who can guess what letter will appear in its accompanying picture gets a gold star for the day. I'm so confused on This Week in Schadenfreude: would I rather watch Ty Willingham or Charlie Weis lose today? Decisions, decisions. s2nblog As I sit watching the BC./Ga Tech game (don't ask me why), I cant help but ponder why no one has ever seen GT's coach Paul Johnson and Margaret Thatcher in the same room. Herbies_Wingman John Jackson, buried in quality Husky faithful eye candy for his opening shot. Sheriff Bart approves. -s2nblog If the federal government wants to warn America's youth about the dangers of Internet gambling, the NEA should commission a "scared straight"-style documentary showing me watching this UConn-Temple game. DexterFishmore Bentley is convinced that an Ohio WR should have caught a rifled pass from Boo on the run that he had to jump up for because "he had his hands up, that's what hands are for." Astounding insight, really. s2nblog Good golly miss molly...is that Charlie Weiss or Mama Cass? Herbies_Wingman Thanks to Notre Dame football, I'm actually hoping an NBC broadcaster will soon announce: "We now interrupt this football game to bring you ... a public affairs program." StuScottBooyahs Paul Maguire takes offense to your calling him Cartman, Nessler. He's not fat, he's pleasantly plump. s2nblog Max Hall bombs it to Collie for a score. As a reward, both QB and receiver are awarded their choice of an extra wife after the game. s2nblog (Ed. Note: He's watching all the games at once!)