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Hugh II: Powder & Belch

I see Powder is an undergrad at UConn. Do you think he tries to pass it off as school spirit body paint at frat parties, too? — Tuffy

Fun fact about Stanford: Their kicker is named Derek Belch. Another fun fact about Stanford: The Cardinal are going to beat the piss out of Notre Dame. — The Victoria Times


Why is Utah-BYU the "Holy War" when exactly zero pagans are harmed during the game? — sussdriver

I mean, the only reason to watch the Power Towels take on Pat Hill's Mustache Riders in Fresno is to crack walrus jokes about Hill at this point. — Signal to Noise

What the Fuck!!! The Grambling-Southern game is the only chance my cracker ass gets all year to enjoy HBCU marching bands, and fucking NBC shows me scores and highlights. If I wanted to see that shit I'd tune to ESPNEWS, I want to see musical accomplishment the likes of which I don't get to see back home in Iowa or here in Vermont. God damn stupid racist NBC, just keep with your nice white Irish boys and let BET or UPN do this game so I can pretend like I'm interested in black culture for just one day. — scumdog0331

You gotta love these 5th rate announcers on the WVA/UConn game. Yes, the color bozo just referred to Connecticut as "Conn U". These guys are supposed to be smart, right? — eightiesdude88


For some reason, Jack Arute has a merkin on his face. — MrRedDevil4Ever

I don't know if this is your area, Skeetshugh, but the college football scoreboard is flashing "UPSET WATCH: #18 Tennessee 24, Kentucky 7". I guess we now know what the Brett Favre bong guy does for a living. — kasma46


And with that we end another successful day of the Hugh Johnson Project. (Well, I think.) Thanks for writing these posts today, guys. I owe each of you a beer.

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