ESPN is showing inspirational quotes from Thomas Jefferson every time Virginia is in a pinch in deference to the school's founder. Man, I hope they have a quote loaded when they show the cheerleaders. โ€” Tuffy

Weather report for ND-Stanford game: sunny, in the 50s, with a likely chance of a smug front moving in for about three hours or so. โ€” Signal to Noise

Two best signs I saw on Gameday this morning: 1. Jim Bates eats his Boogers. 2. ESPN: Obesity Lives Here. โ€” MrRedDevil4Ever

Skeets, I just want to say I feel we were cheated out of Weekday Hugh yesterday. Anytime there are more then 3 games on at one time it's Hugh Johnson time. โ€” EPS (Ed. Don't blame me. Will was the one struggling with the meat sweats.)


Gonna be honest... yesterday and today should've been a nice double dip of Hugh II. Wait, did I just say "double dip?" Never mind. โ€” clarkwgriswld5

I'm going to go ahead and publicly withdraw my name from consideration in regards to the head coaching position at the University of Mississippi. I wish them the best in their search for a new coach. โ€” I Heart Poop


I think, somehow, you could make a Turducken out of Frank Beamer and Phil Fulmer. โ€” The Big Picture

Watching BYU-Utah and knowing what Notre Dame has done this season has led me to one inevitable conclusion. Mormons > Catholics. โ€” The Victoria Times


The ref in the Maryland game just called a penalty on a NC State player for "Giving him da business." โ€” jakeryon8787