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Hugh II: The Nedessey Continues... Part 2

The early games are beginning to wrap up and to everyone's surprise things have gotten quite a bit more interesting out there. Miami has launched an admirable comeback on their former coach and fierce rivals from Chapel Hill and Michigan State is in a shootout with Northwestern, the baddest motherfuckers in Lake Forest. Even upstart Kansas is hanging on against Kansas State (at least as I'm writing this they are), and how 'bout my hometown Maryland Terrapins! I've never claimed to be any sort of Terp fan (see: Williams, Gary "Fucking"), but it's always nice to see the football team playing well. But more important than any of that, ILLINOIS BEAT WISCONSIN! Thank god I don't take my own gambling advice.

Kansas coach Mark Mangino considers pacing the sidelines a workout - The Big Picture


The KU player who just ran into the kicker for a 5 yard penalty and a 1st down for KSU better not go anywhere near Coach Mangino, because he might get inhaled for his insolence. -Signal to Noise

Percy Harvin is a man, stands 6 feet tall, was crafted by the Gods to play football. -Tylerisgod316

I got three games on four televisions plus ABC's coach of the year special on a fifth screen and all I care about is my multiplayer rating in Halo on screen number six. Life is good. - Illegal Immigrant (ed. note: psyyyyychooooo)

Is it just me, or does Ron Zook seem like a coach that would shower with the team and walk around the locker room in a skimpy towel. I am so flaccid right now. -Newbrander1


15 minutes until the latest installment of the Phil Fulmer Death Watch. I love having double the SEC on TV today. -Signal to Noise

what the hell was coors thinking when they decided to blow the entire keystone light advertising budget on this wisconsin/illinois game? -12-inch Idongivafuck Sandwich


Auburn forgot to put logos on the side of their helmets for the Vandy game. Apparently the equipment managers are still drunk from the post-UF game celebration - I Heart Poop

Lou Holtz is a witch!!! Burn him!!! — Yunibomber

As a Michigan fan living in not the Midwest, can I officially say that the Big Ten network FUCKING SUCKS. I have to watch FSU on ABC every week, but Michigan is stuck on a local cable outlet? Wasn't the first half of September enough? Do they have to keep trying to kill my soul? -Tylerisgod316

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