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Wow. They're really piling on Michigan today. They're talking about App State every chance they get, not failing to mention that 3 game losing streak, and even breaking out footage of the Kordell Stewart play. Are they going to dig up Bo and Gerald Ford and parade their dead bodies on ABC too just to rub in the fact that it's been a shitty year for Michigan? - I Heart Poop

I will never buy All-State insurance because they showed the Colorado pass. Haven't we suffered enough? -goathair


UM's PR department would like us to know there truly is a "Michigan Difference". THis apparently consists of "about a half step between intended receiver and defensive back." -Holly

Lloyd Carr is going to have to surgically attach the ball to Mike Hart's hands. -Signal to Noise

Not only do I have to suffer the indignity of Michigan's loss to App State, they have Paul MacGuire on the broadcast team this week. -Jason Motia

One quarter into the Michigan game, and I already have a Michigan State fan calling my cell with App State smack. Luckily, he works as a cop for MSU, so he'll probably be busy for the rest of the night. -AsInHowe


It's a sad day for Miami football when they announce as player of the game your quarterback who has thrown for 65 yards...where's Gino when you need him- Jaycee43

good to see CSTV's bottom line is focusing on the important aspects of sports, like who has been arrested for murder and who is not going to get to play because they dont go to class -Dixie Normous13 (ed. note: 1-12 were taken?)


Thanks to Booties4Booty (and whoever that young lady may be) for the pic

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